Why do SSL certificates cost so much?

I was reading a post by Tony Bourkelicense to SSL“about the licencing restrictions of Verisign et al. when it comes to web sites running on clusters.
He noted a common mis-conception that if you host the SSL cert on the load balancer then you negate the need to pay for one licence per server..
WRONG… you still need to pay for each server in the cluster… wow and I thought it was bad enough to get charged for physicaly copying the cert…

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Direct Routing aka. Direct Server Return on Windows 2008 using loopback adpter

Direct Routing aka. Direct Server Return (DSR) is a great load balancing method, the idea being that incoming traffic comes into the Virtual IP (VIP) on the load balancer.
Then all the load balancer does is change the destination MAC address of the packet (to one of the destination real servers in the pool) and flips it back to the switch which duefully delivers the packets to the selected real server.

The packet will say “Hello are you the VIP?”

Then the real server will say, “Get lost no I’m not!”.

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